Redesigning an onboarding flow


While discovering the awesome new banking app Monzo, I knew that most likely I'd be downloading and app and entering my details for some kind of waitlist. Not being able to access the application immediately was not a concern, I was just so excited by the concept. Having said that, I do think that their onboarding process was fairly indulgent... What follows are some thoughts on how one could improve the experience.


This is when I see I can't actually do anything, step 13 out of 14.

I removed sections and focused of speeding up the registration process


I was interested in separating the Monzo tour, which one enters immediately after opening the app, with the signup process. This "tour content" could be leveraged as marketing material to be shared by users with their friends.

  • I assumed there would be a waitlist or preferential treatment for people based in the UK. So I was waiting and wondering when I'd see that messaging.
  • Only at the 13th screen, second to last in the entire flow, did I see anything about what countries are currently unavailable. 
  • Also, the sad figure alone on a park bench was no exactly making me feel upbeat... although now I have to admit having 2k people behind me makes me glad... in a guilty "well at least I'm not that guy" kind of way.
  • The welcome screen was almost entirely bare.
  • I removed some more detailed information from the guided tour, as the content seemed overly detailed and/or country specific.
  • The biggest UI headache (outside of having to hop through 14 screens) was the "select your country" screen highlighted above. There was no way to quickly scroll — listing countries by alphabetical order is egalitarian and cool — until you force me to scroll from A  to U. 

The "new" improved registration flow and promotional tour


Key improvements:

  • I understand why Monzo doesn't want to advertise that they're not servicing your country. As a SaaS company it's ok to question giving users any reason not to signup, however in this case it doesn't feel right. The Monzo brand is very transparent and open, so this feels more like suboptimal UX. In the redesign, my welcome screen communicates that the app is restricted but growing, while also giving users a clear directive to get on the waitlist. Also, most importantly the new registration flow is 6 screens vs. 14.
  • The redesigned country selection UI enables a much faster input, referencing the alphabetical short cut found in iOS Contacts UI. 
  • At the end of the registration the "Share With Your Friends" call to action now makes more sense. It's clearer to users that if they want Monzo in their country they need to signup their friends... or at the very least send them this little pitch deck/tour.
  • The tour content has be pulled out of the registration flow and is now used as marketing material, which is found through a secondary call to action "Learn More". Users can share the tour with friends via email or social networks.